Best Casinos

Online casinos are wildly popular today. Dozens upon dozens of websites out there exist to help you have fun, meet like-minded people, and potentially win big prizes – what’s not to love?

Still, with the sheer variety on offer, finding one online casino that suits you more than the rest isn’t easy. At, we’re here to change all that – our expert team gathers all the key details you need to know.

Casino Features

Each casino has its own range of games, its own look, its own style … no two are identical, even if there are striking similarities between them. We look at the most important areas of each casino:


The way in which an online casino is presented has a huge impact on your experience. A site with a dull design and clumsy navigation is unlikely to keep you engaged or excited for too long, whereas a venue popping with vibrant animations and colours will hold your attention for longer.


An online casino’s choice of games is of paramount importance. The bigger sites available today often cater to the broadest variety of tastes, with slots, table games, sportsbooks, and more all on offer to keep you hooked.

Smaller sites, on the other hand, can’t usually quite stretch to such diversity. They may focus on games of a certain kind, for a more niche customer.

Our experts explore each site’s gaming portfolio, so you know what to expect before you sign up. We’ll also let you know which development brands have produced the games themselves.

Bonuses and Promotions

Special offers and deals attract new members to online casinos, and give long-term players a reason to keep coming back. These may involve extra spins on slot games, free bets, or a match on your deposit. The better a site’s offers, the more likely they are to make all members feel welcome and valued.

Payment Methods

Each player will have one or two preferred payment methods – from PayPal and Visa Electron to Skrill, there’s plenty of choice today. We look at the specific options an online casino offers, to help you narrow your search further.

Customer Service

Every online casino has to take care of its customers. Live Chat, email, enquiry forms, and phone lines all allow members to connect with a brand – without these, a client may struggle to get the help they need.

Elsewhere on, you’ll also find information on the many software-brands operating in the online casino sector. Each of these produces games in one or more category, and some names are bigger than others; you’ll see the same companies again and again in our reviews.

The type of software an online casino provides dictates the quality of their games, so if you’re familiar with a particular brand and enjoy their work, you may want to search for casinos incorporating their catalogue first.

We hope you enjoy browsing our reviews and advice. We hope we help you find the best casinos for your tastes. We also hope you’ll feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions – we’re here for YOU, after all!