Casino Bonus

Without doubt, online casinos are a major breakthrough for the gaming industry. No matter how much time you've spent in a brick-and-mortar casino, no matter how much experience you have on the gaming floor, being able to dive into a virtual venue is welcomed by fans around the world.

In the past fifteen years or so, the online gaming community has steadily been expanding, and today, there is an overwhelming variety of casinos to choose from. Depending on the type of games you love to play, you may have spent more time at the roulette wheel than the poker table – but every game you can think of is available across the internet, in every variation.

Bonuses play a huge role in online casinos' structure. Why? Let's take a closer look.

Tempting Members Away from the Competition

At online casinos, bonuses, offers, and promotions are designed to tempt you away from the competition. In short, you should choose one venue over another because you stand to receive free spins, price-matches on your deposits, or any other incentive – in theory, at least. Other factors will sway your decision, of course: the casino's reputation, the range of games etc.

There are plenty of different casino bonuses, and each casino will have its own variation. One of the most common is the 'welcome bonus', which provides new members with a bonus on their first one, two, or three deposits. For example, you may receive extra funds to match the amount you put into your account (with a limit, of course!): you might add $200 to your stake money, and receive $200 free.

Depending on how you play and what type of bets you like to make, this bonus could well enable you to get much more gaming time out of your first plays than you would have otherwise. Depending on the casino, you will receive additional price-matching on your second and third deposits, usually with the amount halving each time.

Other bonuses include mobile specials, which provide new members with extra funds when they play on a mobile device for the first time. Certain casinos offer bigger and broader promotions, including holidays and gadgets, though this is much rarer than monetary bonuses.

Another popular bonus is 'cashback', which allows players to earn a small amount of their stake money back as they play over time. All of these may be small incentives from the outside, but for dedicated gamers they all add up – the more time you spend spinning the wheels or hitting the slots, the more you can receive on the side.

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