Jackpot Slots

Millions of people across the UK love to play online slots, and the various gaming sites available today offer a huge range of games to suit all tastes. Each of these has its own jackpot, paying set amounts depending on specific matches. Rules are always provided, so be sure to take note of these before you start playing.

However, one type of jackpot has become increasingly popular in recent years: progressive jackpots. These allow players to win potentially-huge prize, maximising the possible return on investment and thrill. Payouts can be as much as hundreds of thousands of pounds at the largest end, and several thousand at the lower.

Progressive jackpots tend to be open to players willing to place the maximum bets only, rather than players betting all wagers.

Progressive jackpot slots are usually a combination of linked games and websites, pooling wagers to create a massive prize. This builds a stronger sense of community and authenticity, recreating the excitement of playing at a brick-and-mortar venue with hundreds of other people.

While players on a low budget may be unable to reach the maximum bets over time, those looking to scoop the biggest payouts are happy to keep contributing to the pool in the hopes of winning, driving amounts higher and higher.

There are different types of progressive jackpot slots available across the many casino sites, catering to players of all interests. Two of the most common are:

In-house or Local

In-house or local progressive jackpots on virtual slot-machines joined with games at one or more online casinos owned by the same brand / operator.

With in-house progressive jackpots, players stand to win some of the highest amounts, as players’ bets stream in from multiple sites.

Standalone or Single-Game

A standalone progressive jackpot consists of just one game – it’s not linked with other games at other online casinos. The winning amount will be worked out by calculating certain percentages of all players’ bets on the game.

The prize pot continues to fill and fill with every wager, and when the jackpot is finally awarded, it starts again from scratch. These don’t offer as high a win as in-house jackpots, but they’re a little simpler and faster.

Before you start playing any progressive jackpot slots, look into their maximum bets. As you have to bet the top amount to stand a chance of scooping the progressive prize, you have to make sure you can actually afford to take part long enough to potentially walk away as a winner.

You should do this before you get attached to a game’s specific theme or its community of players, to minimize the risk of spending more than you should. Shop around for the maximum bets that suit you, and check the different recent payouts, to get a better idea of what you stand to win.

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