Playing at online casinos is a growing trend for fans of gaming. Whatever your experience and skill levels, you can get an authentic casino thrill right in your own home, with big prizes up for grabs. To help users get the most out of their game, online casinos provide a variety of payment methods.

Paylevo is one such system, allowing customers to pay for their gaming by invoice. This is a mobile solution compatible with any device, both offline and online, giving customers the freedom to commit funds now and pay at a later date.

Paylevo provides a deferred payment of 20 days, and money can be paid in instalments. Multiple payments are also recorded together as single invoices for added convenience. 

For fans of online casinos, this is an ideal solution, as you can enjoy your favourite games without having to pay upfront. Paylevo also provides a safe, secure service, with identity verification essential – a vital advantage for regular online casino customers.

While this Swedish payment method is still relatively new, multiple casinos accept it. takes a look at two of the best below:

Casino Room

Casino Room is a bright, colourful, fun online casino with a wide range of games. The selection of slots includes Starburst, Terminator 2, and Aliens – all of these feature strong visuals and sleek presentation, with smooth performance. Roulette, blackjack, and poker are all available to suit diverse tastes.

Casino Room also features an unusual structure, with mission-based gameplay. The goals of missions vary from one to the other, and completing them unlocks rewards and experience points. This helps to keep players hooked and provides real incentive to keep playing.

The team behind this site are well-experienced, specialising in online gaming since 1999. Using Paylevo with Casino Room is quick and simple, particularly when playing on a mobile device.

Comeon! Casino

Comeon! Casino is a popular site, providing players with a huge variety of entertainment options. First of all, sports betting is a major part of the site, with fixtures all over the world. Tennis, football, basketball, handball, and more can all be bet on.

As well as this, the range of casino games includes blackjack, roulette, classic slots, video slots, scratch cards, and poker. Multiple variations of many of these are available, providing experienced members with plenty of choice. A wide selection is a deal-breaker for players keen to try their luck in a number of ways, and allows for experimentation.

Comeon! Casino offers progressive jackpots, which keep getting bigger and bigger, providing users with a potentially massive payload. The Mega Fortune jackpot once apparently reached £14 million, a sizeable amount for any member.

Paylevo's distinctive set-up makes paying and playing at either of these casinos a unique experience. Registering is quick and simple, and the company offers quality support.